R. Joseph Dazo

It was the first time in Philippine Literature in Cebuano to give birth to a collection of eco-queer poetry Lugas sa Balas (Grain of Sand) out of sea foams and waving waves in 2017. The book has forty-five poems written by Jessrel E. Gilbuena. The collection divided…

Patriz Biliran

I write for a living, but I do not consider myself a writer.

In my mind, to be a writer is to address the world around you and its various issues and concerns through your work. I can’t do that, of course, writing business articles for CEOs and…

Floraime Oliveros Pantaleta

Refractions of Carlos Piocos III’s Guerra Cantos

  1. Y cosa tu ta puede pensa si ta conversa acerca del pellejo? Cada media noche, ta atraca kita na espejo y kita mismo gendeh ta conoce diaton cuerpo. Como nuevo vestido, ta estrania kita como estrangjero ta incuntra conoce con…

Dominic Sy

Or, Occasional, Arbitrary, and Subjective Reflections on Philippine Lit. in English

Theme 1 — The Elite Live On

Theme 2 — Diasporic Alienation

Theme 3 — Woman Consumed

Theme 4 — Internationalism 1: Solidarity Between Peoples

Theme 5 — Internationalism 2: “Chinese” is an Affordance

Theme 6 —…

Marz Aglipay

Viewing art is one way to consume an artist’s work. Like commercials, art is free for all to consume if we accept the message it conveys. Pop-art tends to explore ideas of consumerism that sometimes it blurs the lines between what is commercial and what is art. …

Mercedes Marie Tolentino

Energy begins with the universe; experienced manifestations or phenomena we identify with activity, stillness, and accumulation. It is friction, motion, transformation, or the absence of such; it is the elemental nature of electricity, fire. Energy is also ‘vibrant matter’ and ‘vital energy’ that resides within bodies among…

Rupert Bustamante IV

How much is the oil, the canvas, the frame? Is there a measure for valuing the worth of an insect? Is there one for art?

Consider this: Lot 53, Violets are Blue 6 by Geraldine Javier, was conservatively estimated to have a selling price of about PHP…

Christian Jil Benitez

A Prospect
On the prospect of sitting on Gemini (2017): the steel grid as its seat, its fairly thick bars able to support weight, one might also imagine the temporary imprints these will easily leave on their behind, as if their cheeks have been sleeping too soundly to…

tractions: experiments in art writing

tractions is a group writing experiment based in Manila

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